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Poorly conditioned poles and damaged wires can be a huge threat to life and property. BC Pole is the name you can trust when you are in need of a pole inspection, new poles or repair services in Kamloops or all across BC. We offer competitive pricing. Professional project handling, complete dedication and quality work have been our forte.

Addressing any pole-related issue on your own is simply not advisable. So, if you feel that the poles are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and might fall anytime, or notice any damage in your poles or electricals, it’s time you reach out to us. Our company, with 35 years of experience, will arrive at your site and fix your problems in a professional and timely manner.


Listed below are our services and products that we offer.

Power outages and high voltage repair

Reinforcing of rotten poles with steel stubs 10’ to 20’ long

Woodpecker damage restoration

Reflective (signs/strips) and guy guards

Pole replacements and remote beacon maintenance

Hydro pole, structural wood inspection and treatment

Fibreglass sleeves and bird guards

Timber bond (NSG/VFG) Polylok

Installation and repair of highway signs

Snow removal

Supply and installation of poles 20’ to 120’ tall

Installation of rock and plate anchors

Tree removal and clearing of right-aways

Steel tower inspection and installation

Bucket truck services

Manufacturing of aluminum pole tag numbers


Take a look at the images from a selection of our projects below. Contact us for any query.

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